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Deposit systems

  • Sliding drawer behind door
  • Tilting tray
  • Open slot
  • Sliding drawer

Deposit drawer

The examples below show how a drawer can be installed in a fire safe. You can see that a drawer can be installed at various potions in order to suit your specific requirements.

Sliding drawer behind a door with armouring matching that of the safe:

This allows you to also store larger amounts of cash overnight because the insured cash rating is not affected as a result of the deposit facility. Depositing can be undertaken by means of cassettes or envelopes.

The deposit facility can be used on heavy-duty security safes.

Sliding drawer to adjacent room:

This drawer can also be installed on several sides.

The choice of required lock is up to you.

Tilting tray

The benefits of a tilting tray:

  • Provides optimum protection against ‘fishing out’.
  •  Deposit device is lockable; unauthorised people can’t deposit unwanted items.
  • Available as a separate unit or integrated into a safe.
  • Deposit side is freely selectable.

Open slot

The features of an open slot / pipe:

  • Although fitted with an anti ‘fishing out’ device it only offers limited protection against ‘fishing out’.
  • The deposit device is mainly recommended for the lighter safes, such as model 400, document safes and wall safes.
  • The dimensions and exact location are determined in consultation.
  • For depositing items it is also possible, for example, to use a deposit safe that allows small amounts to be made available again.

GIV and SIB, sliding drawer

GIV and SIB are specifically intended for depositing paper money or seal-bags. These drawers can be fitted directly into one safe wall or behind a lockable door.

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