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Doors and panels

  • DEN I, vault door
  • Barred door
  • UMB removable panel safe
  • Bullet proof panel and deck, with sluice

Doors and walls are important elements in the security of all premises. And we have them in every size and shape. Top quality, of course.


Bergh Brandkasten offers a wide variety of security and fire resistant (vault) doors. If you are looking for a customised solution then you’ve come to the right place.

  • Fire-resistant archive doors
  • Hospid doors
  • Security archive doors
  • Bullet-proof security doors
  • Vault doors
  • Sliding doors

Fire-resistant archive door

Our fire-resistant archive door, model AD-80, has been tested and approved by TNO for fire-resistance in accordance with NEN 6069:1997 for a time of 2.5 hours. The standard dimensions for these doors can be found on the page for security archive doors. Customised solutions for your premises are of course also possible.

Although our archive doors have an excellent standard of fittings you can still choose from a wide range ofaccessories. 

Security archive doors

Bergh archive doors have been designed for, amongst other things, sealing off archive rooms and server rooms. The doors are locked using a double-bitted tumbler lock. An armoured plate provides the lock and the fittings with extra protection against attacks using drilling, milling and grinding equipment.  

Customised solutions are of course also possible for your specific premises. 

Vault doors

We offer a wide range of vault doors, all of which are designed and manufactured to provide the most optimum protection against attack using hand tools, grinders, drills, acids, explosives and oxy-acetylene cutters, to name but a few.  

Vault doors type DEN

Vault door type DEN has been tested and certified in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-1:

  • Model 1 certified to CEN I
  • Model 2 certified to CEN II
  • Model 3 certified to CEN III

The solid construction, throughout the entire door area, has been selected in such a way that resistance is offered by a minimum of thickness, which is a requirement of the European standard 1143-1. As standard the door is right-opening, however, left-opening is also available. 

The frame is made from steel plate and partially filled with reinforced concrete. The door column is bent backwards so that the frame and door column encompass the entire wall after the space between the door column and the vault wall has been filled with concrete. The door column is adapted to the vault wall thickness on site. 

Vault room

It is also possible to combine the DEN door with the security UPK panels with an identical resistance class for the walls, floor and deck. As a result, you can be assured of a complete vault room with outstanding security characteristics.

Models 1 and 2 are fitted with a double-bitted key lock and model 3 is fitted with a double-bitted key lock and a 3-digit combination lock. 

It is possible to upgrade the standard locks with:

  • time lock, mechanical or electronic
  • time-delay lock
  • extra key lock 
  • electronic numerical lock

Barred door

All models can be supplied with a hinged or sliding barred door. As standard there is one key lock, however, two locks can be fitted if required.

Emergency door

All type DEN models can also be supplied as an emergency door. Customised solutions are of course also possible for your specific premises. 

Vault doors type D, DX, DXV and DXVA

All four types and all six models of the type D vault door have the same construction, however, the construction thickness is different in each case:

  • Type D : standard model
  • Type DX : as type D but with two top and two bottom bolts
  • Type DXV : as type DX but with steel wire reinforced concrete
  • Type DXVA : as type DXV but with an aluminium corundum plate instead of a cast steel plate

Hospid doors

The construction of the prefabricated security Hospid doors, which uses steel plate with studded plates, ensures a high level of security. This was proven when tested: 27 minutes to break through. 

These doors are available in single-walled and double-walled versions and can be supplied with or without a panic unlocking device. The bolts can also be blocked using an electronic lock. This lock is activated by an impulse (9V) which can be generated using, for example, a push-button, card reader or a keyboard.  

Bullet-proof security doors

Our bullet-proof security doors, type KWD 20, have literally come under fire from many different types of ammunition and have withstood all of the tests magnificently. Amongst others, these doors are used in Dutch banks.

Sliding doors (Panic room)

In panic rooms or strong rooms sliding doors can also be used in addition to the standard doors. These are of course designed to match your specific requirements or specific offender profile.

We are happy to discus sizes and further specifications with you.  

Security and bullet-proof walls and ceilings

We have a wide range of panels to meet your requirements for the construction of walls and ceilings.

Security and bullet-proof walls and ceilings:

  • UPK wall and ceiling elements
  • Hospid wall and ceiling elements
  • Bullet-proof panels
  • UMB removable panel safes

UPK wall and ceiling elements

The protection offered by a UPK wall is the same as the construction of DEN doors. UPK walls are available in three models that are tested and certified to the European standard EN 1143-1, classes CEN I-III.

Hospid wall and ceiling elements

The combination of prefabricated security wall and ceiling panels provides a construction with a break-in resistance of 27 minutes.

The 50 mm linkable wall and ceiling panels are available in a standard width of 593 mm. Special sizes are always possible. The protection offered by the Hospid wall is the same as that of the Hospid doors

Bullet-proof panels

With a wide range of bullet-proof panels it is possible to create vault rooms that match your requirements precisely. Access to the room can be gained using a range of security sluices:

  • PGRES-Standalone
  • VKT sluice
  • Delta sluice
  • EPS 2010.

This room can of course also be provided with:

  • A bullet-proof deck
  • recesses for all elements to be installed.

UMB removable panel safes

Using our (prefabricated) wall and ceiling panels it is possible to build complete vaults or strong rooms for virtually every level of protection required.

For access you can choose from a wide range of doors with a specific security level. We always have a solution for your specific situation.

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