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Interior installations

  • Key safe with sliding rack
  • Hanging file system
  • Sliding shelves, combined with vents and fan
  • Safe with lockable internal compartments

Key racks

In addition to the ‘normal’ choice of key safes it is also possible to install a (rotating) key rack into virtually any type of fire safe.

It is also possible to fit (existing) safes with sliding key shelves.

Hanging files and sliding frames

In principle, virtually every one of our safes or cabinets can be fitted with a range of options for using modern hanging file systems, for example sliding drawers and shelves

Virtually every (existing) safe or cabinet can be modified.

Sliding shelves

Vents and fans so that a safe or cabinet (including an existing one) can be adapted into a secure server safe or cabinet.

Sliding drawers can also be combined with (sliding) hanging file systems.

(Lockable) internal compartments

Virtually every safe can be fitted with lockable internal compartments. The dimensions are naturally made to suit your personal requirements and corresponding locking system.

It is also possible to opt for an internal arrangement with compartmentisation and charging points for radio telephones, mobile phones and/or navigation systems.

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