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Fire and security cabinets for valuables and safes

  • Security cabinet, model Eurobergh
  • Fire cabinet, model BWK
  • Security cabinet, model Weisshorn
  • Security cabinet, model les Alpes

A fire or security cabinet or safe to meet your specific wishes and needs? We can guarantee that we have one for you! Bergh Brandkasten has a suitable model for every type of application. You can choose from the following options:

  • Security fire safes to CEN 1143-1 (CEN I-V) and high-security fire cabinets
  • Fire safes (BWK), Data safes and data boxes
  • Archive cabinets, single and double-walled security cabinets
  • Showcase safes
  • Pistol safes
  • Vehicle safes
  • Wall- and floor-mounted safes

So many cabinets and fire cabinets, so many deposit options!

  • Deposit drawer
  • Tilting tray
  • Open slot
  • Sliding drawer

Customised – on the inside as well. For example, the following accessories are available.

  • Key racks
  • Hanging files and sliding frames
  • Sliding drawers and shelves
  • (Lockable) internal compartments

If there’s no ready made solution that suits then please contact our Sales Department.

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