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Special safes

For all purposes we have a safe available:

  • Archive cabinets and security cabinets
  • pistol- and gunsafes
  • key safes
  • showcase safes
  • Single-walled and double-walled safes
  • Wall and/or floor-mounted safes
  • vehicle safes

  • Archive cabinet, model Quatro
  • Pistol safe with drawer unit
  • Pistol drawers in Eurobergh safe
  • Vehicle pistol safe

  • Gun safe for long weapons
  • Pistol columns, for storing duty weapons and corresponding ammunition
  • Linkable pistol safes
  • Key safe with sliding panel

  • Show case safe
  • single-walled safe, model 400
  • double-walled safe, model Les Voges
  • Floor-mounted safe, model VKAS

Archive cabinets and security cabinets

Archive cabinets and security cabinets are ideal for the completely safe storage of:

  • Privacy-sensitive/confidential information   
  • PC and computer configurations
  • Opiates and medicines                         -
  • Antique objects/valuables                       
  • Expensive instruments, tools – Weapons and ammunition

The Secubergh range consists of:

  • Secubergh S1, a 2-door archive cabinet
  • Secubergh Quatro, a 4-drawer cabinet.

There is also a wide selection of accessories and internal fittings for this range.

Pistol safes

It’s not surprising that we are also very familiar with manufacturing pistol safes. Moreover, for these types of special security products we don’t just have our own standard products, we also offer you every possibility of working with you to develop, manufacture and supply customised products that completely match your requirements and wishes.

Pistol drawers / In-vehicle pistol safe

These lockable drawer units can be fitted into any type of safe.

Gun safes

We also have a range of options to create the correct storage facilities in our safes for long weapons. 

Pistol columns type 8 / type 16

Our pistol columns, which are ideal for storing duty weapons and corresponding ammunition, are also manufactured in-house. This means that you can decide how many compartments are incorporated in the column. These (linkable) columns can be free standing or installed in a safe. The doors can be designed to incorporate an inspection window for the weapon compartment. Ammunition can be stored in the 'enclosed' compartments.


It is also possible to use accessories to make each safe even more optimum for your requirements. Accessories include a main key unit, left-opening door or a different type of lock.

Key safes

Our key safes are manufactured from high-grade steel and are available for Security level 1 and 2.

Showcase safes

This is an entirely new product line that is currently under development at Bergh Brandkasten. If you would already like to receive further information about the design options then please contact our Sales Department who will be pleased to help.

Single-walled and double-walled safes


A few examples of single-walled applications are shown below. These too are also always available as a customised product.


A few examples of double-walled safes are shown below. These too are also always available as a customised product.

type 400

Our Type 400 valuables safe is a double-walled type, filled with fire-resistant filling and available in 6 different standard sizes.

Les Ardennes

The Les Ardennes, Les Voges and La Jura ranges consist of 5 double-walled types of steel cabinets for valuables. The double-walled housing construction makes it difficult to break in using electrical tools.

In addition to our range of cabinets for valuables you can also choose from a wide range of accessories, deposit options and internal layout options.

Wall and/or floor-mounted safes

Wall and/or floor-mounted safes are built in a wall or floor. Consequently, they offer extremely good protection against break-in and fire. Various models are available. These are distinguished by their secure construction and offer a correspondingly high level of protection.

Wall-mounted safes, Type MKA - Type A-D, MKG, MKAG and MKACX

The various models are distinguished specifically by their door construction anti-theft characteristics.

Floor-mounted safes, Type VK - Type VKM, VKG, VKA and VKAS

Like the wall-mounted safes they are distinguished specifically by their door construction anti-theft characteristics.

Vehicle safes

We can manufacture any type of vehicle safe, regardless of the size and lock system

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