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Valuable safes

Les Alpes.

  • Valuable safe, model Chamonix
  • Valuable safe with ventilation
  • Heavy duty safe, model Weisshorn
  • Heavy duty safe with deposit drawer

The Les Alpes range is characterised by old-fashioned reliability in a solid design. The Les Alpes product range consists of the following models: Zermatt, Chamonix, Grenoble, Annecy, Avoriaz and Morzine.All models are available in 5 standard sizes*. As a solution for special security problems, Bergh Brandkasten BV offers the possibility of working with you to develop, manufacture and supply customised products that meet your specific requirements.

* Type 5 is a 2-door safe for each model.

These security safes combine excellent security features with large capacity and relatively low weight. Due to their sophisticated construction and the use of high-quality locks, the security products in the Les Alpes range are ideal for withstanding "Professional attacks".

The locks that are fitted are additionally protected by armour plating to prevent drilling, milling and grinding. With the exception of the Zermatt models, the locks and fittings used in the Les Alpes fire safe range also have extra protection against "attacks".

The Grenoble, Annecy, Avoriaz and Morzine ranges have a chemical coating in the walls so that an attack on the door and the housing is made a very unpleasant experience. All security safes in the Les Alpes product range are fitted as standard with a double-bitted tumbler lock + an adjustable number combination lock (1,000,000 possible combinations). Using two locks can give you significant added security, for example during staff changes, during holiday periods or if controlled access to the security safe is desirable.

Due to their excellent security characteristics these fire safes are considered suitable by insurance companies in the Netherlands for the storage of large sums of cash.

Heavy-duty safes

This product range consists of the following models: Weishorn, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc. All models are available in 7 standard sizes. These exceptionally robust security safes are used when there are extremely high security risks. Thanks to their sophisticated construction and the use of high-quality locks and fittings they are able to withstand "extreme professional attack methods" using drilling, milling and grinding equipment.

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